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Amir Public School is a project of “Naya Ujalla” (New Light). The school was originally established in 1980. It is located in a village “Kalaske” in District Gujranwala Pakistan. It was 1st of its kind school in this very rural area at that time. 

Later in 2008...Amir & few friends started working on this project to direct this school on modern lines. Currently School has 12 Class rooms with 325 students studying here. All educational related facilities are provided free of cost to the children.

APS is serving this place where thousands of people are deprived from the basic needs of life. These low income families have to send their kids to work due to the misery of underprivileged lives of them. So child labour has become one of the serious issue in the area. They are unable to afford the expenses of good schools. Our purpose at Amir Public School is to provide a quality education so that all students have an equal opportunity to develop to their full potential. Learning together in a caring and friendly environment.

This education is fully English medium. There are other facilities along with the education to the students. For details please see our short term objectives. Most of these have been achieved by now. The next phase of the project is to pursue our Long term Objectives. 

9 Short term Objectives:-

1. Free Books and Stationary: Syllabus and whole stationary including notebooks, pens/pencils and drawing books will be provided to each student. (100%- successfully delivering this on anual basis)

2. Setup class rooms: Paint work + Charts to be installed in the Class rooms. These class rooms will be Furnished by keeping in mind children’s age group. Also require new desks for this purpose.(100%- 4 new class rooms were built and furnished)

3. Uniforms: 2 sets of uniforms will be provided to each student of the school in one year of their schooling.(100%- successfully delivering this on anual basis)

4. Computer for office usage: Idea is to acquire a computer for the office to switch current paper work into IT system. This will be helpful to carry on the daily routine work.(100%- successfully met. A laoptop in use)

5. Playing area: Need this area for the physical growth of the children. We will fill this area with sand or saw dust to ensure the safety of the children in case of falling down. Slides and Outdoor games will be installed in this area.(70% completed. New land purchased. Also got a slide. Need to buy more rides yet)

6. Educational Trips: Educational trips will be arranged on regular basis.(100% - Trips are alligned up and done)

7. Staff Hiring: Currently hiring a head teacher with a qualification of MA, Med and an Administrator. (100% done. 9 school staff now)

8. School building enhancements: School building to be enhanced to accommodate the students in an open environment. For this purpose, 2 new rooms will be built.(100% completed)

9. Medical check ups: Free medical check ups will be carried out for these children in conjunction with the local health authorities.(100% complete)

Long Term Objectives:-

Fully equipped computer lab
Fully equipped Science Lab
Further School building enhancements
Classes upgrade from 8 to high School
Free Nutrition to the students